About Us

We are a leading source of business development information, consciousness and knowledge. Our parent organisation Adroits Panel Pvt. Ltd. has been providing business professionals/echelons across the world with informative training over years. It gained the trust of professionals who wanted to boost their performance. We have now launched an exclusive offering for professionals in India at an affordable rate.

Our webinars cover topics ranging from Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, and many more. We make learning easy and affordable. You need not shell out a fortune in travel and materials for off site training sessions. Our sessions are simple, interactive and cost effective.

We associate with nationally renowned training experts. As they broadcast their best knowledge which they are famous for and have gained the same for years. You get to listen them live and opt for recordings as per your ease. You may also have an opportunity of getting expert advice directly from them on the particular topics that are significant to you.

We also offer qualitative training and presentations that create necessary impact after you complete your training. We believe in providing qualitative benefits to our customers in terms of Time, Training and Topics.

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Our offerings will exceed expectations and add value to your investment.


What sets us apart from our competition is our history of delivery excellence, using best-in-class technology, best practices and affordable pricing.


Founded by a team of practitioners with decades of experience in industry and government, WeinarStores brings a rich culture of sharing and nurturing talent that fosters learning and development. We have joined hands with industry veterans with decades of practical experience in diverse fields and proven academic record in their knowledge areas.

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