Chirag Shah

Motivational Speaker, renowned for training Executives and Business Leadership

Become the Best Version of Yourself - Discover You 2.0

This interactive webinar would help you in enhancing your work efficiency, energy levels and problem solving skills. You shall also get video recording of webinar.
  •   February 6 2021  
  •     10:30 PM PDT
  •     1 hour

Becoming the best version of yourself means discovering your quintessential self by learning to recognize and let go of whatever limiting beliefs keeping you away from self-actualization. Attend this Webinar/E-Learning and be able to push forward.

This webinar would help you in:

  • Identifying the difference between Problems and Symptoms.
  • Having an Issue based approach rather than an Incident based approach. 
  • Retaining your Energy levels to allow you to operate at optimum strength at all times. 
  • Developing an analytical thinking ability to find logic and reason behind peoples actions.
  • Using the secret 4-step formula for developing a strategic approach to dealing with situations.
  • Fighting predictability and reinventing yourself consistently
  • Learning to have adult-like conversations.
After completing this webinar session, you are likely to: 

  • Become far more confident in knowing your strengths and drawbacks and work with yourself to become a better version
  • Develop an inbuilt assessment mechanism within yourself which helps you constantly navigate through life’s trials and tribulations
  • Learn how to deal comfortably and amiably with people of different personality types and get the best out of each of these relationships
  • Learn to speak in a professional and dignified way, using the right tone, facial expressions and choice of words and see people around you changing completely towards you
  • Transform your energy levels to be able to serve you at 100% at all times and beat feelings of tiredness and lethargy

Chirag Shah is a motivational speaker, life coach and leadership mentor. His boutique training firm Arrista School of Finesse has trained over 14,000 people across 40 institutional and leading corporate clients. After a successful stint in financial services he followed his dream to become an entrepreneur and venture into something that helps people become the best version of themselves. Chirag has been invited to speak and be a panelist at many events at academic institutions and corporates. 

Chirag is well known for his trainings in Public Speaking, Executive Presence, Business and Leadership Coaching. His motivational talks have appealed to a broad spectrum of people from fresh graduates to business leaders. Chirag is also a highly accomplished golfer and has won more than 50 tournaments in the 31 years that he has played the sport. Some of his key victories include 2 wins at the BMW International Golf Tournament and a victory at the Ballantine’s Championship in Hanoi, Vietnam.

He has completed his MBA from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research and also holds a degree in Bachelor of Business - Marketing from Griffith University, Australia. Some of this prominent clients include, Deloitte, Cybage, IndusInd Bank, Bridgestone, Fiat, Fronius and Fenesta.

Engineering, management students will greatly benefit from this course in developing an ability to better deal corporate life early in their careers

Professionals and young entrepreneurs who struggle with personality conflicts or interpersonal issues. Even fighting challenges at work in terms of getting more productive can be resolved by attending this session

Homemakers who go through the daily struggles of an unpaid full-time job, which sometimes is thankless will find a lot of motivation by attending this session

Who should attend ?

  • Students – Engineering / MBA / BBA
  • Professionals – Junior to Mid Management
  • Homemakers – Housewives, Ladies

This will be a highly interactive and participative session with participants keeping their camera’s on and the speaker will regular call upon the participants to share their views and experiences.

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