Soni Agrawal

Associate Professor and Dean Executive Education at International Management Institute Kolkata

HR Back to Center

This webinar would help you with appreciating the role of human resource management. Also, helps in understanding why HR is crucial for an organization’s success. Join
  •   May 8 2021  
  •     10:30 PM PDT
  •     1 hour

This webinar would help you with appreciating the role of human resource management. Also, helps in understanding why HR is crucial for an organisation's success. Moreover, it helps in clarifying various myths around HR. An interactive session where your queries and issues will be addressed.

The basic aim of the webinar is spelt such as:

  • Familiarises you with variety of roles and expectations from HR
  • Defines why HR is not a cost centre, rather a value added centre
  • Make you visualise the return on investment in HR
  • Touches latest trends and changes are taking place in organisation post pandemic
  • Latest issues such as gig workers, digitisation of HR, work from home are touched 

It shall also discuss elemental questions such as:

  1. What future skills will be needed?
  2. What type of organisational culture we can expect?
  3. How new offices (post COVID) will look like?
  4. Is HR still a soft issue only?
  5. Why there is lots of talk on data and analytics in the context of HR?

  1. Why HR should be back to center?
  2. Basic functions of HR and their importance.
  3. New trends post COVID
  4. How future workplaces will look like?
  5. About organisational culture
  6. Skills for the future.
  7. SWOT analysis of Remote HR vs Office based HR.

Dr. Soni Agrawal holds doctorate in Management from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

She specializes in Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior. She is having 18+ years of industry-academia experience.

She had worked with IT/ITES and FMCG companies before joining academics. In her academic experience she holds positions as dean MDP & EDP, and prior to that she was chair admissions, anti-ragging, etc., and served in various committees.

She is a corporate trainer and had trained senior and mid-level executives of both public and private enterprises in the area of HR Analytics, building motivation for higher performance, negotiation and conflict management skills and performance management. Some of the companies include GRSE, CESC, PCBL, Oxford University Press, India Post, LIC, etc. Her areas of academic interests are employee engagement, green human resource management, performance management, training, and industrial relations, HR for new age organizations, and career & succession planning. As a researcher she had presented papers in international conferences of repute & published research papers in national and international journals along with writing books. Her upcoming book is Green HRM: A Climate Conscious route to triple bottom line under SAGE publications. 

Aspiring management students or present management students who want a career in Human Resources(HR) will be greatly benefit from this webinar in terms of developing their understanding and assessing themselves whether they should go for a career in HR.

Professionals from big or small companies or start-ups usually struggle in structuring their systems and processes. On top of that, the HR is usually the last in their hierarchy of importance. However, HR is the middle layer between the management and the employees. Thus, how HR functions plays a crucial role in the success of an organisation, shall be key discussion point in the webinar.

Even part time workers, gig workers or even entrepreneurs can get benefited with management tips that will help them in organising their work better.

Who should attend:

  • Junior and mid-level Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Students aspiring for a career in HR
  • Start-ups struggling to understand the importance of HR
  • Management graduates 

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