Harini Ramarathnam

The foundation of her career was led 16 years ago in Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring and Guiding.

Entrepreneurship Key skills

This webinar throws light on steps, tools, skills and tricks that the entrepreneurs can use to tap their potential of themselves and move towards the success.
  •   April 3 2021  
  •     10:30 PM PDT
  •     1.5 hours


This webinar focus on Key skills that every Entrepreneur need to possess, may be from a MSME sector/Solopreneur or a Founder of multinational company, this session has takeaways for everyone in the journey of Entrepreneurship.

This webinar throws light on steps, tools,skills and tricks that the entrepreneurs can use to tap their potential of themselves and move towards the success,by understanding deeper and awareness about the successful habits and strategies.

The topics enlightens on Importance of goals, Pursuit of an entrepreneur, some tips to manage wealth and real time examples of successful Entrepreneurs who has created an impact through their brands and what made them to reach to the level.

Entrepreneurship Key skills

  • Tools and tricks to attract success in entrepreneurial journey 
  • 3 keys Getting ahead
  • 3 keys to sales and Persuasion
  • The pursuit of an Entrepreneur
  • 3 keys for successful Business Pitch
  • Skills that make a company grow
  • Entrepreneur behavior during challenging times

She is a Personal Transformation Coach and a Life Skill Trainer. She helps unlock a person’s potential and maximize their performance. Through her sessions, She aims to touch the lives of individuals of all ages and inspire them to see mightier dreams and fulfill them too.

Her vision is to create a channel that boasts of nurturing emotionally strong individuals complemented by intellectual concept formations in through the workshops and coaching sessions that include working on confidence, self-image and self-esteem building. By approaching challenging situations and behaviors, She thoughtfully and calmly engage with kids, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, women and help them to make generational impacts. Holding their hand when they stumble through mental blocks leading them to where they truly ought to be.

Six years ago, not succumbing to social pressures, She launched Vibha Education Services to prove her mantle. To promote and amplify the effects of coaching, she have launched numerous programs and modules.
To date Vibha Edu Corp’s programs have positively transformed the lives of over 6000 individuals. 

What brings peace to her mind is the realizations obtained during these programs have helped numerous people find and actualize new endeavors in their professional and personal lives. Her valued clients have left a shadow of their experience with their positive reviews and recommendations.

Post winning the trust and confidence of her mentees, She kept on moving forward with a calm but dynamic disposition which led to recognize as :-

  1. The Young woman Entrepreneur Award 2020 from NFED.
  2. International "Best Life Skill Trainer 2020" from Smart Circuits.
  3. The Top 150 SME Women Entrepreneur of 2019 by Great companies,
  4. The JobsForHer Career Restarter Award 2019.

This webinar not only enlightens on the   Key aspects of business ,but also on  secrets of Success, and on the areas where we miss out sometimes in the   adventurous journey likes persuasion, life skills and so on.

When we learn directly from the Industry Experts and successful leaders, where the speaker will be sharing the secrets of real time successful Entrepreneurs, which will help to look into the areas of business where you need focus and implementation.

Hours of energy and time gets saved if we learn the lessons and knowledge faster from the experts in the Industry.

Who Should Attend: 

Aspiring entrepreneurs/Budding Entrepreneurs /homepreneurs/Solopreneurs/Edupreneurs/MSME

 Entrepreneurs/Entrepreneurs with Exp 0-5 years

Small business owners/entrepreneurs looking for establishing the brand Image/motivational speaker/Business coach/Life coach/career counsellors

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