Chirag Shah

Motivational Speaker, renowned for training Executives and Business Leadership

Enhancing Personal Excellence & Dealing with Conflict

Work Smarter & Resolve Conflicts before they Become Conflicts
  •   May 14 2021  
  •     10:30 PM PDT
  •     1 hour

A lot of us begin our careers with no real training on ‘how to work’, we simply get to the job and it all moves ahead from there. Similarly with conflict. None of our education or training till date really equips us on how to deal with conflict, inter-personal, intra-group etc. We simply use the best-known method that we know and approach each situation in a similar way.

 This interactive and unique webinar will give you practical tips on how you can develop yourself further as a professional by becoming more effective in your daily work and also how you can adopt a more mature and smarter method at resolving conflicts in the workplace.

1.      Several practical tips on becoming a smart worker

2.      Daily work-related tips on becoming more efficient

3.      Understanding different types of conflict

4.      Learn different types of tactics & strategies to deal with each of those types of conflict

5.      Maximizing your time to do the kind of work you wish to do

Chirag Shah is a motivational speaker, life coach and leadership mentor. His boutique training firm Arrista School of Finesse has trained over 14,000 people across 40 institutional and leading corporate clients. After a successful stint in financial services he followed his dream to become an entrepreneur and venture into something that helps people become the best version of themselves. Chirag has been invited to speak and be a panelist at many events at academic institutions and corporates. 

Chirag is well known for his trainings in Public Speaking, Executive Presence, Business and Leadership Coaching. His motivational talks have appealed to a broad spectrum of people from fresh graduates to business leaders. Chirag is also a highly accomplished golfer and has won more than 50 tournaments in the 31 years that he has played the sport. Some of his key victories include 2 wins at the BMW International Golf Tournament and a victory at the Ballantine’s Championship in Hanoi, Vietnam.

He has completed his MBA from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research and also holds a degree in Bachelor of Business - Marketing from Griffith University, Australia. Some of this prominent clients include, Deloitte, Cybage, IndusInd Bank, Bridgestone, Fiat, Fronius and Fenesta.

Each of us as professionals or business people regularly need a refresher or an intervention to upgrade our skill set or gain a fresh perspective to the way we approach our careers. A session like this can prove to be extremely useful to people who are looking to start their careers or even those who have worked for several years and have started to feel a certain sense of stagnation.

Who Should Attend

1. Undergrad & Postgrad students

2. Interns & Management Trainees

3. Junior to Mid-level employees

4. Analyst, Assoc-Manager, Team Lead, Project Lead / Manager

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