Dr. Pranjal Kumar Phukan

B.Tech, MBA & DBA and nationally & internationally recognized industry expert with over 25 Years

Demystifying Design Thinking

World’s leading brands have integrated the Design Thinking approach and also is being imparted at specific top universities in the world.
  •   June 27 2021  
  •     4:30 AM PDT
  •     1.5 hours

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Design Thinking is a pioneering tactic that combines service or product design with human behavior and at its central, enthusiastic practitioners label design thinking as an ongoing approach of compassion and human opinion.

David Kelley, Founder of IDEO and The Stanford School established and grew Design Thinking later by applying human-centered design to the creation of a mouse for Apple’s new Lisa computer in 1980. Kelley continued spreading the belief that anybody is proficient in unlocking inventiveness. The Design Thinking mindset has subsequently been explored and applied at both large and small organizations.

The approach is to sincerely pay attention to customers and meeting their needs, customers benefit and so does the organization’s profit margins.  The attitude and approach to a problem or goal can be conceded by a series of redoing stages. According to The Stanford d. School, the process includes 5 steps viz., Emphasize, Define, Ideate, Prototype& Test.

In late 2016, The Design Value Index (DVI) which is a market capitalization-weighted index consist of design-driven companies, released an annual report to disclose its portfolio of 16 design-led companies which verified a 211% return over the S&P 500. Firms include Google, Apple, Uber, Netflix, and SalesForce.com which had embraced design thinking at the fundamental of their business models.

The webinar will help the participants to: 

  •  Comprehend the identification of a business
  • Discover trends to generate behavior perception
  • Help outline the vision and the ways to challenge well for a brand
  • Recognize the collaborations between Design thinking other tactics
  •  Discuss how Design thinking can fast-trackchanges&renovate/ align the organizational culture

Dr. Pranjal Kumar Phukan [B.Tech, MBA, and DBA] is a nationally and internationally recognised industry professional with over 25 years of experience with leading MNCs in India in the automotive, telecommunications, engineering, and petrochemical sectors. 
He was recently appointed as Co-Chair of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) - MSME Sub-committee. He also serves on the Eastern Region committee of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).

Dr. Phukan wrote the philosophy and science book 'Limits to Infinity,' which was published in 2015 by White Flacon Publishing in Chandigarh.
In addition to his reputation as a reputable supply chain professional, he is a Climate Change Advocate, Entrepreneur, Aspiring VC, Startup Advisor, keynote speaker, and recipient of numerous national and international awards.
He is also a member and fellow of numerous prestigious national and international organizations.

He has ties to universities and other institutions of higher learning.
He has delivered over 250 lectures on Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, Block Chain, Circular Economy, Financial modelling, Mathematical modelling, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Product Management, Sustainability, and other STEM topics to Higher Education Institutions, Corporate, Industry Associations, and Global STEM platforms to date.
He has also assisted over 1,000 SMEs and Startups across India with end-to-end startup/MSME support systems such as business plans, funding, due diligence, IPR, green audit, and so on.
Dr. Pranjal has published over 50 case studies in reputable magazines on advanced technologies, strategy management, sustainability, social technology, and other topics, including Chemical Today, Hydrocarbon Processing, Off-Shore World, ET Polymers, Business World, CPO Innovation, North East Today, NE Live online magazine, and others.

Dr. Pranjal has made significant contributions to the education domain, including articles in journals on Make in India – Essentials of Educational Institutions, Prospects of Block Chain Technology in Education, and The Role of Education in Combating Climate Change. Dr. Pranjal also contributed to the development of curriculum on project management, operations management, entrepreneurship, design process, and product development for Higher Education Institutions, Corporate, and Incubation Centers, among others.

This webinar objective aims to benefit participants to comprehend and appreciate the Empathy of a business that creates it as a brand. During the program, participants will learn how better thought of whom they are and desire to be; which supports businesses to structure further with design innovations.

Discovering evolving trends help businesses to decipher the imminent behavior and anticipations of their user for solving for them consequently.

Last but not least, the Design thinking approach when performed optimally can cause enhanced progress with cultural transformation in an organization.

Who Should Attend: 

Whether the participant is performing a support function, an engineering function, or a marketing function, he/she can put on a design thinking approach in their job roles. For example, the ‘Make in India’ movement aims to overcome the manufacturing deficits by applying the principles of design thinking.

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