Ashish A Kumar

A Sought after Speaker at Conferences, Corporate & Educational Institutions

Mindfulness: Living life to the fullest

This session is about identifying our Beliefs, replacing limiting beliefs and Living Consciously. This will lead to Achieving our Dream Life - Living Life to the fullest.
  •   September 22 2021  
  •     4:30 AM PDT
  •     1.5 hours

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The Goal of this Webinar is to promote individual growth, Improve Leadership Skills and Increase Happiness Quotient.  

This program will bring a science-based approach to mindfulness and emotional intelligence via highly interactive experiential exercises.

Research shows that practicing mindfulness meditation can lead to several benefits that include an actual change in the neuroplasticity of the brain, increase in grey matter, and Cortical Thickness (which are responsible for emotional regulation & Problem Solving, and learning & memory, respectively).

We will also share powerful ancient practices in an understandable modern context.

1. Identify Self Limiting Beliefs and patterns through a simple yet powerful exercise
2. Attention and meditation training to Enhance Emotional Intelligence
3. Achieving self-mastery via Self-Awareness 
4. Blueprint for Enduring Financial Success
5. Gratitude practice that will help Achieve Happiness, overall well-being, and exceptional leadership

He is a dynamic business leader with over 25 Years of Experience across the Financial Services, Insurance, and Healthcare sector. Worked in senior management roles for large multinational corporations and start-ups, including TATA AIG, Marsh India, HCL Healthcare, and Healthcare at Home. 
As Founder of Mindful Living, he is passionate about spreading the message of how being mindful can help manage emotions better and make us happier. He works actively with companies helping their employees live consciously, improve focus & decision making, enhance teamwork & collaboration, develop resilience, and become better leaders. He combines a well-researched curriculum with real-life industry experience to enable a learning environment for mid to senior-level executives. These sessions which are fun and engaging, are aimed at improving productivity, profitability, and leadership skills.
He has conducted over 250 Sessions for leading organisations that include Airbnb, Aditya Birla Group, Amity University, CGI, CII, HDFC Life, IBM, Kotak Life, McCANN, PowerGrid, TATA Group, TOI, VFS Global etc. 
He is regularly invited to speak on a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to) Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Individual Success, Diversity & Inclusion and Personal & Organisational Transformation. Some of the recent engagements have been with Airbnb, Aditya Birla Group, Amity University, CGI, CII, HDFC Life, IBM, Kotak Life, McCANN, PowerGrid, TATA Group, TOI, VFS Global, etc. 

You MUST attend, if YOU
1. Work very hard but the Finances Never Improve?
2. Frustrated with poor health and lack of love in relationships?
3. Want to beat #Stress, #Anxiety, and #Depression, but don’t know how?
4. Work very hard but still don’t get the Results you want in your career?
5. Are Crippled by the Burden of #Debt?
6. Want a #Life hack proven to give Guaranteed Results?

Who Should Attend:
People in 
  • Mid to Senior Level Leadership Role 
  • Self Employed Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business

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