Abhilekh Verma


Abhilekh Verma

He is certified as a personal branding coach from Spendless Academy, Singapore.


Abhilekh Verma is a speaker, business coach, copywriter and book author. He has mentored thousands of business owners to take their product and service ideas to different countries globally.

An introvert turned extrovert, he has helped tons of individuals to come out of their comfort zone and voice their opinions globally.

His prime goal has been to educate, train and introspect on multiple industries by helping multiple people from several Geographical Countries like USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Germany, France, South Africa,North Africa, Japan, China, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Vietnam grow faster and get their goals accomplished.

He had taught BBA/MBA college subjects like Marketing, Corporate Laws, Business Laws, Strategic Management, Economics & Statistics to students and also had experience into Entrepreneurship with Business Development. Worked with CEOs of Air Help (Denmark), Startup 88 (Australia), Better Price Ltd (UK) and with PhDs from cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Turkey & Germany.

Delivered Speaker Sessions to:

1. UPES Dehradun- MBA Logistics Students & Faculty Members

2. ITM Navi Mumbai- MBA Marketing Students

3. Coin News Extra Media (Nigeria, South Africa)- Cryptocurrency & Blockchain (7 episodes)

4. Time to Shine Today (Michigan, USA)- Journey as a Blogger, Copywriter, Book Author & Coach

5. Rotary Club, Nashik- How LinkedIn Algorithm Works & Personal Branding Tips

6. Virtual Meet 2020, Spendless Academy (Singapore)- How to Conversate like a Pro as an Introvert

7. LinkedIn Live with CEO, Spendless Academy (Singapore)- Importance of Social Selling

He is certified as a Personal Branding Coach from Spendless Academy, Singapore. 

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