Alok Verma


Alok Verma

Leading Experiential Learning Facilitator and Transformation Coach


He is a Facilitator and Speaker by profession and a poet by heart. 

He is on a personal mission to help working professionals in designing a life that works for them. Where you do not have to choose between meaning and money.

He is a visiting faculty of Communication at UpGrad

He is also associated as Senior Facilitator at FocusU - one of the most admired Experiential Learning organizations in India.

His tryst with the stage started early. he started as an anchor on stage right from his school days. Soon he was reading poems on radio and hosting a TV show as well. Along the way came a little stint in theatre too. He used to love it all. But as it happens in most middle-class Indian families, He was soon nudged to not “waste his time” and take up a "serious job" instead.

And so started his official career with BPO, as a tech support agent. That was followed by a few different stints in sales – selling everything from credit cards to computer hardware to software licenses and managed IT services. All through this phase, he never truly felt a sense of happiness and satisfaction, being away from a "stage".

But as Paulo Coelho says, "When you truly desire something, the universe conspires to help you". In 2011, he stumbled upon FocusU - an L&D organization, where he could use all the skills He had acquired in 8 years and also find a "stage" of some kind. It felt like He had come home finally.

Since then he has helped more than 50 organizations through more than 400 workshops to build great teams, Identify their purpose, and align with the team vision. 

Facilitation has given him an amazing opportunity to work with diverse teams and understand their challenges.

He was lucky to find his purpose – but now, He is on a personal mission of helping others identify theirs too - and design their best possible life! Reach out to us if you want to run a Keynote Session, Team Building, or Training.

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