Amit Ganguly


Amit Ganguly

Expert in Organizational Development & HR (25+ Years). Coach, Mentor, Author & Speaker.


26+ Years Extensive Experience in directing all aspects of human resources, including employee relations and performance management, as well as in handling all aspects of Talent Development, Management & Competency Management.

Holder of Certificate of Completion on “Organizational Learning and Development” endorsed by the “Society of Human Resource Management” Holder of Career Counselling Foundation Certificate by London Certification. Member of SDG (Sustainable Development Growth, an initiative by UN), Internal Institute of Influence. Mentor in Freedom Employability Academy.

“A few words from Amit himself”, I struggled to speak proper English at the beginning of my career, because of that, I got rejected in all the interviews I had given during the first six months! But then, I had invested time and money to overcome it. If I can speak English fluently, then why can't others?

After 25 years of a corporate job, I have decided to follow my passion and started a new journey. Founded Blessed IT Solution to help organizations to solve their Organization Development, Recruitment challenges. Our company acts as a bridge between corporate and university students to help the students to secure the best job.

  1. Author of the book on Leadership Development and have online training in Udemy on Active Listening Skill.
  2. Support organizations to frame their business development activities and go-to-market strategy
  3. Expert at designing and implementing policies, procedural practices and guidelines, and comprehensive training and development programs throughout the organization. Equipped with research capability in identifying solutions to problems utilizing innovative technologies and available resources.
  4. Expert in managing Business Operations/ Workforce Operations, including Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Talent Retention, Finance and Asset Management
  5. Geographies Covered: North America, Europe, Scandinavia, East Asia, and South-East Asia
  6. Builder of high-performance teams and a natural team leader and mentor who excels in dynamic, demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. Proven abilities in managing technically advanced, cost-efficient, state of the art operational processes.

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