Pritam Bhadra


Pritam Bhadra

He has learned the core of Effective Communication and Leadership from his own experiences.


Pritam Bhadra is a Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer.

His journey started way back in 2014 when he decided to join the INDIAN NAVY as a Flying Officer.
The discipline helped to transform himself in several ways, he also got mentored and trained by Ex-Army and Ex-Navy officers who helped him improve and magnify his personality. 
However, sometimes life will take such a turn that we won't have any control over it! His story was no different, he faced eyesight issues and realized that he was no more eligible to opt for flying in the Indian Armed Forces. That was a low point in his life, but that was also the beginning of his career as a Professional Speaker & Corporate Trainer.
He has learned the core of Effective Communication and Leadership from his own experiences and training, now masters and practices this as he continues to train Professionals and Entrepreneurs on these topics. 

He has mentored 4500+ Students in PAN India and been a Global Learning Consultant to Professionals across 150+ countries. 

He serves multiple corporate clients to PAN India to inspire and motivate them to be better players. Interested in building Leadership Skills, Time Management, Stress Management, Improving Analyzing Ability, Communication is his forte. 

He loves to inspire people and help them achieve their goals faster. 

Being a Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer, he will touch the heart of the audience and shift their mindset to a level where taking action to change their own life becomes a need.

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