Vanshika Mehta


Vanshika Mehta

She is amongst 500+ of the brightest minds globally


Vanshika is a brand storyteller and communications consultant, currently enabling SMB's to communicate clearly and crisply. Vanshika graduated from Northeastern in Boston, USA with a BSc. in Marketing and Management and has since been heavily involved in multi-domain marketing. 

Today, she has a 55K+ wide global audience of entrepreneurs and community builders on her LinkedIn. She has been featured on websites such as TapChief, Talkwalker, Vaizle and more. Apart from that, she's featured on podcasts and live webinars on platforms such as upGrad, IMACX, Pushstart and a few more.

She attended the Global Young Leaders Conference 2010, held annually in USA. She was amongst 500+ of the brightest minds globally. After a gap year, she went on to pursue my undergraduate degree at Northeastern University and graduated in 2016 December with a BSc. Marketing and Management. While she was studying, She was very active within communities, at school and outside she volunteered via Big Sister Association, Boston for over 2 years. I danced on stage at almost every Nataraj and Dance For Me She attended sessions hosted by the NU Entrepreneur's Club she travelled to parts of California, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, New York. In 2018, she moved to India, and, it was quite the change! 

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